Real Estate / Landlord Tenant

Do you need a San Luis Obispo County real property attorney?

When approaching a real estate legal issue – whether it involves buying or selling property, or handling a landlord and tenant dispute – the process can be challenging as these issues tend to be complicated and multi-faceted. Finding the right lawyer for your real estate legal matter can be a tricky process. How do you sift through the high volume of real estate lawyers to find the right one to discuss your claim? How do you know which real estate lawyer is the right one for you?

Our referral service can help you select the right real estate attorney for your legal matter. Let us help you.

How can the San Luis Obispo County Lawyer Referral and Information Service help?

Dealing with real estate issues can be difficult, as they tend to require extensive legal knowledge and experience. A San Luis Obispo real property lawyer can provide you with legal guidance and representation regarding various real estate issues including:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction and development assistance
  • Residential and commercial landlord/tenant issues
  • Business formation and documentation
  • Other real estate legal matters

All of the pre-screened real property lawyers that we work with have obtained the necessary credentials and up-to-date experience regarding their respective legal areas. They are also all in good standing with the State Bar and have professional liability insurance.

How does LRIS work?

Contact us so that we can refer you to an experienced real estate lawyer. Fill out the Online Request Form or call one of our LRIS operators at (805) 541-5502, Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

After you provide information about your real property situation and pay a nominal $25.00 administrative fee, we will arrange a consultation of up to 30 minutes with an experienced real property lawyer. When arranging a consultation, we want to cater to your needs. Whenever we can, the appointment with a real property lawyer will be provided near your preferred area and around your schedule. Or, if you prefer, we will coordinate a telephone consultation.

You and the lawyer are not obligated to proceed with legal services beyond the consultation. If you find that your real property issue requires further legal assistance and you decide to hire the attorney to continue working on your behalf, you and the attorney will determine the fees to be charged.