Welcome to the Lawyer Referral and Information Service

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A non-profit public service of the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is a non-profit community service program sponsored by the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association and certified by State Bar of California. Established in 2002, LRIS was created with several goals in mind: to help you find an attorney that specifically matches your legal need or problem; to help you determine if alternative resources are appropriate; to provide you with direction when a legal matter appears confusing, intimidating or time consuming.

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About the Lawyer Referral and Information Service

OUR MISSION: To provide individuals and businesses a referral to an experienced, qualified attorney. If an attorney is not appropriate to your situation, we will refer you to a local agency or resource that may help with your legal matter.
OUR ASSURANCE: Confidentiality. To protect your privacy, we will only discuss the information about your legal issue to the extent necessary to make a referral.
OUR GUARANTEE: All attorneys in our service are in good standing with the State Bar of California, carry malpractice insurance, and meet experience requirements set forth by LRIS Rules.
OUR GOAL: To point you in the right direction for all your legal needs.

How does LRIS work?

1. We start with a confidential phone interview. Principally, the interview consists of a number of questions to help determine the type of assistance you need – an attorney, a local agency or a legal resource to help you find legal information.

If an attorney is determined as the best course of action for your situation, further essential information will be needed such as parties involved, relevant dates, upcoming court appearances, assigned case number, etc. This information not only helps expedite the search for an attorney, but will maximize your initial appointment with the attorney.
Once an appointment has been confirmed, LRIS will complete the referral to an attorney in our service who has cleared a conflict check, who is aware of your legal situation, and who has expertise specific to your legal need. The appointment may occur in person or by phone.

2. You may also fill out our online request form on the right side of this page. However, it is important to provide as much information as possible to help assess the appropriate direction to take with your legal matter. If further information is required, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please note our service does not provide legal advice. We are here to help guide you in the right direction.

What does it cost?

You pay only the administrative fee of $50.00 (fees are waived for Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Criminal Law cases). Any additional legal fees beyond the initial 30 minute appointment will need to be discussed with the attorney.
Please refer to our FAQ’s for further information on “How to work with my attorney.”


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